Jazz 6

Ages 13+

Combining strength and flexibility, jazz employs movements that are quick, clean, precise and percussive.

Dancers will also focus on dynamic turns and jumps, while learning choreography set to jazz and popular music.  Many jazz styles are taught from Broadway to current.

Requirements: Previous experience. New Students, please contact the office for placement.



6:30 PM

Jazz 6

Claire Castle

Studio D

Dress Code

Option 1

Leotard (any style or color), tights (black, tan or pink), and black jazz oxfords with split soles. Fitted tops, shorts or fitted leggings can be worn over top. Hair must be off the face. Only solid colors: no patterns or designs. No crop tops.

Option 2

T-shirt, shorts, tights or workout pants, black jazz oxfords with split soles.

Class Policies

  • Attendance Policy
    Maintaining regular attendance is key to the success of a student's experience at Youth Ballet Saskatchewan.
  • Student Code of Conduct
    Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan is a safe and happy environment for learning dance. Teamwork is very important and dancers are expected to treat each other and their instructors with kindness and respect in and out of the studio.
  • Parent Code of Conduct
    Parents and Guardians have a vital role to play in the enjoyment and learning that their children experience during classes and the year–end recital at the Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan (Youth Ballet).