Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan


Alice Gabriel

Alice Gabriel, Youth Ballet Saskatchewan
Pre-Ballet, Pre-School Dance, Explore Dance, Modern
Contemporary Dance, Grant McEwan

Alice began dance at the age of 3 in small town roots, starting in Ballet. She attended numerous summer schools for dance and was in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet summer school at the age of 10 and the following year accepted into the Yorkshire Ballet School in England.

From there she was inspired by her instructor to go further in other areas of dance. Modern/Contemporary became her biggest love. She attended the Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan for her senior years and after graduating high school, attended Grant McEwan in Edmonton to take the Contemporary Dance program.

Alice became fascinated with the Human body so continued her studies in Massage Therapy to further educate herself on how the body moves, what it needs to stay healthy and how to prevent and help in the healing process with dance-related injuries.

Alice also became heavily involved and completely in Love with Middle Eastern Dance and the local groups. Later she joined the professional  Tribal style dance group, “Beduins of the Red Tent”, to perform at numerous shows and events, and to teach others in this style so as to educate them the true meaning of “Belly Dance” and how the fluidity of the body can move and take shape in another form of Beautiful expression.

Dance has been one of the most pivotal and influential part of her life. It’s Alice’s dream to continue to expose others to the many dance forms and enjoyment of dance at all levels and ages.

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