Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan



Michelle McMillan

Ballet, Explore Dance, Jazz, Pointe

Meet Michelle

Eddy Alvaro

Hip Hop, Street Dance, Freestyle, Hip Hop Foundations, Breakin Foundations, Street Jazz

Meet Eddy

Barb Cameron

Ballet, Adult Ballet

Meet Barb

Caitlin Coflin

Modern, Creative, Choreography

Meet Caitlin

Glen Curtis

Ballet, Royal Academy of Dance, Repertoire, Character

Meet Glen

Alice Gabriel

Pre-Ballet, Pre-School Dance, Explore Dance, Modern

Meet Alice

Kathryn Ricketts

Modern, Choreography

Meet Kathryn

Olga Sanina

Ballet, Modern, Choreography

Meet Olga

Tanisha Sarty

Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Jazz, Pointe

Meet Tanisha

Paula Skotnitsky

Adult Modern, Pre-School Dance, Modern, Creative

Meet Paula

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