Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan



Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan is a non-profit organization that aims to make dance education accessible, with a clear pricing model, available discounts, and options for support.

Monthly fees are based upon the number of hours danced per week. For example, dancers dancing 1 hour per week will pay $66 per month.

Discounts are available for families with multiple dancers, as well as for post-secondary students and graduates.

The Youth Ballet Yearbook is back and will be combined with your recital video for a one time Memories Fee of $60.00 per dancer. This will be a mandatory fee for all families this year, and will include video of both Recital shows, as well as a commemorative Yearbook!

Our unlimited rate is returning again this season for those dancing 6 hours per week or more. We hope this will continue to increase accessibility to training for our senior dancers to prepare them for education or employment in dance following graduation. This unlimited rate does not include RAD, Company, or Ensemble Fees.

Adult class passes are back! See below for rates, and purchase passes through your Studio Director Account.

Please contact the office for more information on fees and/or request a bursary applications for those needing financial assistance. Deadline to submit bursary applications is September 30th.

Complete fee details are available within your on-line family portal.

Log in to our Studio Director Family Portal here.

Class Fees

*Rates effective August 23, 2022
Hours of Instruction Cost Per Month
1 Hour per Week $66.00
2 Hours per Week $132.00
3 Hours per Week $188.00
4 Hours per Week $249.00
5 Hours per Week $300.00
6 or more Hours per Week $356.00

Adult Class Passes 
1 Hour Class Drop In$20.00
1.25 Hour Class Drop In$24.00
1 Hour Class 5 Class Pass$95.00
1.25 Hour Class 5 Class Pass$115.00
1 Hour Class 10 Class Pass$180.00
1.25 Hour Class 10 Class Pass $220.00

RAD Class Fees 
$700.00 Per Year, or $78.00 Per Month for the 9 Month Season. This does not include the RAD Examination Fee, which varies based on Level. 

Registration Fees and Discounts

A Registration Fee applies:

  • $30 for One Child/Family
  • $50 for Two Children/Family
  • $65 for Three Children/Family

Our Year-End Experience Fee is $100 per Discipline. 

  • This fee covers the costume, as well as childcare at the recital, if applicable.

Our Memories Fee is $60.00 per Student. 

  • This fee covers a Yearbook, and a video of both days of the Recital performance.

A Discount may also apply:

Family Discount

  • Second Child = 5% Off
  • Third Child = 10% Off
  • Fourth Child or More = 15% Off

Post-Secondary Discount

  • 15 % Off All Classes for Post-Secondary Students  

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