Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan


Fee Details

Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan is a non-profit organization that aims to make dance education accessible, with a clear pricing model, available discounts, and options for support.


A Registration Fee applies to each family and additional child registering for classes at Youth Ballet. The Registration Fee is not refundable.

  • $30 for One Child/Family
  • $50 for Two Children/Family
  • $65 for Three Children/Family, Plus $15 for Each Child After Three

Monthly Fees

Tuition Fees for the year are based upon the number of hours danced per week during the nine-month school year (September to May), taking into account all holidays and school closures and averaging them through the school year. For example, dancers taking one class at one hour per week will pay $630 per year, averaged to $70 per month. Fees will be charged monthly on the first business day of the month. Payment is expected on this day unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.

A Costume Fee of $125 per year will include one (1) costume per style of dance performing in the annual May recital along with any applicable backstage care during the recital and rehearsals. These charges do not apply to sessional blocks, as they are not performing classes. For example, a student taking any ballet class and any modern class will pay $125 per discipline, for a total of $250 for the year. This fee, like tuition, is automatically split into monthly amounts unless otherwise specified by the family. If you’d like to opt out of the recital, please let the office know in writing before November 1 to avoid a costume fee.

A Memories Fee of $100 per year per family combines your recital video, a physical yearbook, and one (1) photo package for your first registered student. This fee only applies to performing classes. Additional Photo Packages will be added for each performing class the student is participating in and for other students enrolled under your family account, in the amount of $35 per package. Any additional copies of photo packages can also be ordered by contacting the office. All photo packages can be opted out at no penalty or fee, including the one provided in the Memories Fee, by sending an email to the office. Notice of opt out of any Photo Packages must be given before April 1st.

Our unlimited rate  is available for those dancing 6 hours or more each week. We hope this will continue to increase accessibility to training for our senior dancers to prepare them for education or employment in dance following graduation. This unlimited rate does not include RAD, Company, or Ensemble Fees.

Drop-In Classes and Class Passes are available for adult students. See below for rates, and purchase passes through your Studio Director Account. Buying passes will provide a 5% discount over single class drop-in fees. Adult passes purchased in advance are valid only for the season in which they are purchased and not transferable to next season.

Professional Rates are available. If you are a dance professional, please contact the office directly.

Please contact the office for more information on fees and/or to request a bursary application for those needing financial assistance. Deadline to submit bursary applications is September 30th the year the dance season begins (2024 this year).

Log in to our Studio Director Family Portal here.

Tuition Breakdown and Examples

*Rates effective August 1, 2024
Hours of Instruction
Tuition Per Month
1 Hour per Week $70.00
2 Hours per Week $140.00
3 Hours per Week $200.00
4 Hours per Week $265.00
5 Hours per Week $320.00
6 or more Hours per Week $380.00

*Rates effective August 1, 2024
Adult Class Passes

1 Hour Class Drop In $23.00
1.25 Hour Class Drop In $28.75
1 Hour Class 5 Class Pass $109.25
1.25 Hour Class 5 Class Pass $136.56
1 Hour Class 10 Class Pass $218.50
1.25 Hour Class 10 Class Pass  $273.13

RAD Class Fees 
$720.00 Per Year or $80.00 Per Month for the 9 Month Season. This does not include the RAD Examination Fee, which varies based on Level. 

Ensemble Fees 
$360 Per Year or $40.00 Per Month for the 9 Month Season. This includes rehearsals for Ensemble performances in November. Additional rehearsal times requested by families may have additional charges.

Company Fees 
$585 Per Year or $65.00 Per Month for the 9 Month Season. This includes rehearsals for Company performances in November. Additional rehearsal times requested by families may have additional charges.

Please note, when enrolling in Ensemble or Company, it is with the understanding that full year participation and payments is expected. Requests to be dropped from Ensemble or Company will have the expectation of immediate payment for the remainding annual fees as explained above.


Family Discount (Applies to Tuition Fees Only)

  • Second Child = 5% Off
  • Third Child = 10% Off
  • Fourth Child or More = 15% Off

Post-Secondary Discount

  • 15 % Off All Classes for Post-Secondary Students  

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • We require one month's (30 days') written notice to drop any class. Notice of drop can be submitted to The student can continue to attend classes for any lessons they have paid for after notice is given.
    • (Example: If notice is given on February 15, March fees will still apply and be charged, and then the student will automatically be dropped on March 31st. The student is eligible to participate in all classes in both February and March.)

  • There is a $20 administration fee for all cancellations.

  •  Any approved refunds will be prorated according to the fees paid and date drop notice was given.

  • The registration fee is not refundable.

  • No Costume Fee refunds will be available after November 30th unless permission is obtained by the Artistic Director. You are free to collect the costume that has been ordered for your child when it arrives. 

  • No Memories Fee or Additional Photo Package refunds will be available after scheduled Photo Day. You will be free to collect your photo packages when they arrive.

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