Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan



Youth Ballet offers a wide variety of classes for all ages, including adults.

When to Register

Registration for Fall and Winter Dance Classes begins in July and continues until December. The best time to register for classes is July.

Due to our commitment to maintaining quality instruction with a limited class size, we encourage students to register as soon as possible to ensure availability.

Please note, all classes must meet minimum enrolment or the class may be cancelled or combined with another class. This will be at the discretion of Youth Ballet.

Choosing a Class

Youth Ballet offers a wide range of professional dance instruction. Consider classes in:

Preschool Dance • Ages: 3, 4, 5

Encourages children to have fun with movement, rhythm, and creativity, while developing co-ordination, balance, flexibility, musicality as well as some pre-ballet steps and skills.

Ballet • Ages: 5+

Our ballet program is based on a combination of methods and syllabi, is developmentally sound and adaptable to various levels of ability.

Modern • Ages: 7+

Training in movement techniques including Limon Technique, Laban Movement Analysis, and Bartennieff Fundamentals.

Dance Mix Boys • Ages: 7-11

For boys who are ready to explore dance but not sure where to start, this class is the perfect introduction.

Jazz • Ages: 7+

Combining strength and flexibility, Jazz employs movements that are quick, clean, precise and percussive.

Hip Hop • Ages: 9+

Explore street dance styles in this energetic and rhythmic dance class, influenced by breaking, popping, locking and 90’s funk styles.

Explore Dance • Ages: 4+

Designed for special needs students, this class utilizes the joy of dance and music to improve strength, muscle tone, co-ordination, flexibility and other skills.

Adult • Ages: 18+

Youth Ballet offers classes for adults in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. No experience is required.

Post-Secondary • Ages: 18+

Tailored for University students with intermediate or advanced dance experience.

Day Program • Ages: 14+

The Intensive Day Program is a training program for the serious dancer.

Royal Academy of Dance • Ages: 9+

RAD exams give dancers a measurable goal to work toward as well as recognition from the world’s largest ballet examining body

Company • Ages: By Audition Only

A distinguishing feature of Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan is its pre-professional performing Company.

If you need assistance in determining the most appropriate class, please don't hesitate to contact our office by phone at 306.352.9908 or email at

Fee Information

  • Family discounts available.
  • The Youth Ballet Membership Fee ($15/student, $20/family) and Registration Fee ($15/student) are non-refundable.
  • Registration is on a first come, first served basis; payment of registration fee reserves a spot in the class.
  • Fees may be paid by post-dated cheques, pre-authorized monthly direct withdrawal or credit card.
  • Discount Fees for Post Secondary students participating in Post-Secondary Classes.

Refund Information

  • One month’s notice, in writing, is required for withdrawal from classes.
  • Refunds will be prorated according to the fees paid.
  • Please note that a $20 administration fee will be charged with all cancellations.
  • No costume refund will be available after December 1st.